Client Story


In our Spring blog we thought it might be good to hear about a client’s journey with Neurofeedback.

This client originally contacted us because she was in a demanding role as a Company Director and felt that she was bringing her work problems and stresses home with her. She was finding it difficult to fall asleep and when she did she invariably found that she would wake throughout the night which then led her to need to go to the toilet which further disturbed her sleep. Her brain would then start to go through the difficulties at work and home and her sleep pattern was out of sync. She would wake up in the morning and feel tired and irritable. This cycle continued and her stress levels rose to the point where she knew that she had to take action and do something about it before it got any worse and possibly affect her physical health too.

After her initial session where we worked on the calming sites of the brain she reported that she was able to fall asleep relatively easier that night. She did wake up during the night but was able to fall asleep much quicker that usual. As her therapy journey continued and we established her training frequency her sleep pattern improved dramatically. Additional sites were added to her treatment plan to then balance her brain and this helped with improving her brain to self-regulate. When revisiting her original symptom tracker she reported that she now falls asleep quickly and sleeps right through the night. Her stress levels were less and she found that she was able to deal with difficult situations at work with a more level head and solve problems with more ease. The knock on effect she noticed was that she was no longer taking work issues home with her and her home life improved too.

If any of this resonates with you then please get in touch for more information.