"Neurofeedback is at the cutting edge of mental health care"

Neurofeedback (or neurotherapy, brain-training) is a computer-assisted intervention which helps improve many psychological and physiological conditions.  It has been used successfully with adults and children to treat AD(H)D, autism, anxiety, depression, trauma, dissociation and PTSD.  Neurofeedack can also help with migraines, pain, weight loss and performance.

We use the Othmer Method, Infra-Low Frequency (ILF) Neurofeedback.  It has been shown to dramatically improve symptoms associated with the above conditions.


We were trained in Germany by EEG Info Europe.  Please read more about our experience and background here 

Dr Dawn Harris & Dr Helen McManus


Neurofeedback Scotland is run by Dawn Harris and Helen McManus, forensic/clinical and counselling psychologists respectively.  They now combine their extensive experience of body-based trauma therapy with neurotherapy to help clients in their recovery, personal development and attaining peak performance.

What to expect when you visit us


We appreciate that an assessment process and a series of neurofeedback sessions is a big undertaking.  We hope this and other pages will help you decide if neurofeedback is a viable option for you.   


I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 5, my whole life I've been anxious, suffered from depression and anger - neurofeedback has completely flipped all that!  [After a few sessions] I'm no longer depressed or anxious, I think more clearly, sleep better, am better organised and more focussed!  AK

A blog page is on its way....
We're working on a blog page with some interesting articles about brain health & nutrition, NFB & Children, NFB & Peak Performance as well as Client Stories & Case Studies!

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