What is Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is a technology-assisted intervention which reduces the intensity of your symptoms by reconditioning your brainwave patterns to promote your brain's own self-regulation.   You will be watching an animation on screen while sensors are fitted to your scalp, where electrical activity from the brain's cortex is detected.  Training is conducted via feedback signals which promote positive brain activity and impact the whole brain.  When your brain responds to the animation,  below your conscious awareness, there is an audio or visual change in the animation; its like a workout for your brain!  Infra-Low Frequency (ILF) is symptom-based, rather than led by diagnosis, and is a development in neurofeedback application in the last decade.  

Studies show that NFB can replace or be an adjunct to psychotherapy; it can reduce reliance on medication; and with a minimum of 20 sessions, positive change is maintained over time.  On our Conditions page we've included links to a variety of research articles for your information and interest. 




Reasons you might be considering neurofeedback:


  • if you want an alternative or addition to psychotherapy - neurofeedback suits those who want a non-invasive approach to changing the subconscious. 

  • if you wish to address your concerns in a natural, non-medicated way -  neurofeedback doesn't alter brain chemistry in the way that medication does, but helps you to regulate your system with lasting change.  The feedback process achieves homeostasis and natural balance

  • if you want a positive approach to self-regulation, improving your memory, sleep, attention, mood and performance

  • if you are referring a child - NFB works well with children due to the flexibility of their brains; it can help prevent continued development of unwanted behaviours into adulthood.

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Our QEEG equipment is from Mitsar, St.Petersburg and our Neurofeedback amp was made by BEE Medic in Europe. 

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