Helen McManus - Ayr

Helen has joined forces with Dawn to further the goal of helping people to recover as quickly as possible from various psychological and physical problems.   As such she has trained in Infra-Low Frequency Neurofeedback (often referred to as the Othmer Method).  This development has arisen from her established practice as a ‘brainwise therapist’ spanning over 20 years.  She trained in Germany with EEG Info Europe.



Helen believes that providing appropriate, thoughtful and effective neurofeedback therapy is thanks to her trauma therapy background (Trauma Psychotherapy Scotland); in addition she has trained in psychotherapy and has a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology.  Whilst she no longer uses trauma approaches exclusively, there are many elements of this work in her neurotherapy practice.  She has trained in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic approaches.  She has also been trained by Dr Frank Corrigan in the use of his Deep Brain Reorienting approach. Each of these therapies treats the symptoms of poor attachment, developmental and event trauma, all of which are also alleviated using neurofeedback techniques when clients are ready.  Helen is currently in training with Susan Shor-Fehmi in Open Focus techniques which she favours in her neurofeedback practice.   The combination of Neurofeedback and Open Focus is particularly effective for pain reduction.   Neurofeedback does not require the same intensity of therapeutic and relational interaction as psychotherapy, but Helen believes that her experience as  a relational therapist is essential to the success of neurofeedback training.   


Helen's background ranges from home educating her children and careers advising to massage therapy and working with victims of domestic abuse.  She has a few specific interests which are contributory factors to her progression to neurofeedback and Open Focus practice: for example the Highly Sensitive Person (HSPs); the psychological origins of physical ill-health and ADHD.


Please contact Helen via this website or directly on 07484130933.  

Registered with Health & Care Professions Council www.hpc-uk.org/ and Member of British Psychological Society.