Transformational Retreat - Perthshire Autumn 2020

Neurofeedback Scotland is planning a neuro-informed, transformational retreat for Autumn 2020 in the beautiful Perthshire countryside. 






At the Retreat you will experience 10 days of life-changing treatments:


  • neurofeedback, nutrition advice, yoga, massage and meditation 

  • individualised programmes

  • a healing place to relax and unwind


Neurofeedback helps to change the way your brain works to release years of physical and emotional pain.  It is a fast, effective treatment which targets the brain's own self-regulation.  It can heal various mental and physical health symptoms including depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, brain fog, lack of motivation and a host of other difficulties.  However neurofeedback cannot work alone and needs other supporting therapies to help enhance its positive effects as well as helping you to integrate new ways of being - this includes massage, yoga, meditation and advice on nutrition.  At the Retreat we are focussed on the relationship between brain and body and these treatments work well between the two in relieving pain, tension and stress, not only for a short-time but for a lifetime.  You can enjoy the transformation surrounded by acres of natural woodland, water and fields.  It's a glorious, healing place to reflect, wind down and enjoy the treatments on offer.   Relax in a hot tub, take in the surroundings, or simply wander around the spectacular grounds.

The Retreat is deliberately small, we will work with 4 people with the aim of providing a truly unique, individualised bespoke programme to each person, ensuring you leave feeling transformed, enlightened and revitalised. The Retreat team comprises highly qualified psychologists, experienced in neuroscience-based therapies, yoga teacher, nutrition advisors and massage therapists to ensure 5-star healing for each individual.   Each person will receive neurofeedback sessions, individual yoga sessions, daily meditation, life coaching, group healing, massage and advice on nutrition.  How our brains are affected by what we eat is evidence-based and we will be sharing the most up to date information on how to achieve optimal health in body and brain.

The Health and Fitness Travel magazine in 2017 stated that “due to increasing levels of stress, mental wellness will be the biggest future trend. More destination spas will start to introduce neuroscientists and psychotherapists, with meditation becoming very mainstream, as we develop a better understanding of brain science and the relationship between the body and mind.”

The Retreat mirrors this statement and is providing a cutting-edge, highly effective chance to change your life. Please get in touch to find out more by emailing us at or or - 07714322427 and - 07484130933

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