Suzanne Breen - BRN Therapies (Play Therapy & Neurofeedback)

Suzanne is a fully qualified therapist in Creative Art and Therapeutic Play. Play therapy helps with academic performance, socialising, anxiety, phobia, autistic spectrum disorders, disturbed sleep, trauma and abuse, issues arising from adoption/fostering and divorce/separation.  Please visit Suzanne's website to find out more about Play Therapy www. 


She has 20 years experience working with children and families in Primary Teaching and in Women's Aid. Her Honours Degree in Psychology has underpinned her knowledge and experience of child development and the various life events which impact children. In recent years she has focused on childhood traumas and the effects this has on the educational experience. In her work she has sought to provide understanding, support and strategies to cope with the difficulties arising from various traumatic experiences or other difficulties. Suzanne continues to have class contact and taken on the role of Well Being Practitioner.  She is a member of PTUK (Play Therapy UK) and adheres to the ethos and values of the organisation.



Suzanne is also a neurofeedback practitioner working in Glasgow.  She works with both adults and children.  She is offering a unique combination of neurofeedback and play therapy for young people experiencing difficulties.